uPVC Windows

Our uPVC replacement windows are available in a full range of colours and woodgrain finishes, either internally or externally beaded, with fully sculptured or plain sashes. We can utilise the complete range of Pilkington glass products —self-cleaning or acoustic being the most popular. Any existing window style can be authentically replicated, with leaded or Georgian bar (the bar as a `plant-on’ inside and out, or incorporated within the sealed unit). Lockable handles and other furniture options complete the range. The glass units are 28mm low ’E’ as standard, toughened or laminated where required. These can be filled with an inert gas (argon) to increase the insulation values.

Tilt and turn windows

Tilt and Turn replacement windows feature a sophisticated hinge and locking mechanism. Turning the operating handle releases the top of the sash to tilt inwards. On closing the sash again and rotating the handle further, the hinge mechanism is engaged. This allows the sash to open inwards.

Vertical sliding sash windows

Almost indistinguishable from the timber originals, these replacement windows are widely used in conservation areas or to preserve the aesthetic facade of a traditional building. Vertical sliders can be produced with arched top sashes in all traditional window styles including bays, with an optional sash tilt facility for easy cleaning. Glazing bars can be fitted to match period window styles to give that authentic look.